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VW Inside Door Scraper, Left, Bug Sedan 1965-68, Made in Germany

VW Inside Door Scraper, Left, Bug Sedan 1965-68, Made in Germany

    Item #: 111837475A

    Price: $23.95

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    VW Inside Scrapers w/ Clips
    Left Side (Drivers Side)1965-68

    VW Inside Scraper w/ Clips.
    Bug 1965-68, Left Side (Drivers Side).
    Made in Germany

    Product Details.

    Bug Sedan Hardtop & Sunroof 1965-68.

    VW German-made scrapers.
    The Inside Scrapers clip into the inside door frame. The scraper has 7 clips and includes attached inside felt. These are the best fitting and longest lasting on the market, THE ORIGINAL.

    Lifetime Guaranteed.

    Excellent quality scrapers are an absolute necessity to keep water out of your doors and rusting out at the bottom. Our Exterior Video will show you step-by-step how to install all of your door rubber.

    OEM German part. Don't settle for the cheap quality that won't last.

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    Please Note: The information listed below is for stock, unmodified VW's manufactured for sale in the US.
    VW's are commonly modified and very often parts from another year VW may have been installed on your car.
    California Pacific JBUGS is not responsible for any errors if you car has been modified in any way.

    1965 VW Beetle Hardtop
    1966 VW Beetle Hardtop
    1967 VW Beetle Hardtop
    1968 VW Beetle Hardtop
    1965 VW
    Standard Beetle
    Metal Sunroof
    1966 VW
    Standard Beetle
    Metal Sunroof
    1967 VW
    Standard Beetle
    Metal Sunroof
    1968 VW
    Standard Beetle
    Metal Sunroof





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