VW Interior Restoration DVD, The Essential Tool for VW Interior Installation

VW Interior Restoration DVD, The Essential Tool for VW Interior Installation

    Item #: DVD-INTERIOR

    Price: $19.95

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    This VW Interior Restoration DVD helps to take the headache out of the restoration process. This DVD includes a detailed account of how to completely restore the interior of your air-cooled Volkswagen just like a professional.

    DVD Features:

    - 2 hours and 15 minutes in legnth
    - Simple install headliner installation
    - Seat upholstery and padding installation
    - Door panel and door components installation
    - Carpet kit and padding installation

    For over 16 years our Interior Video has provided restorers and novices with the information they need to properly install the interior of their car. If you purchase the Interior Video now, we will deduct the $19.95 cost of the video towards the purchase one of our Interior Restoration Kits in the future.The Interior Video is free with the purchase of one of our Interior Restoration Kits.There are no returns on DVDs. The cost of the DVD will be refunded only if an interior kit is purchased after the DVD.

    Please Note: The information listed below is for stock, unmodified VW's manufactured for sale in the US.
    VW's are commonly modified and very often parts from another year VW may have been installed on your car.
    California Pacific JBugs is not responsible for any errors if you car has been modified in any way.






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