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VW Starter Installation:

Video Overview:

If you are having problems with your starter only working occasionally or not working at all and have eliminated the possibility of the battery, ignition switch, battery cables and wiring being the cause it may be time to replace the starter. Our tech shows you how to remove and replace your starter in your VW.

Related Tips:

Starter Removal:

Disconnect the Battery       Underneath the rear seat, disconnect the battery.

Rear Jacked up and on Jack Stands       Jack the right rear of the car up and use a jack stand to support the car.

Disconnect the Wires from the Starter       Disconnect the positive battery cable from the starter (13mm wrench or socket).

       Unplug the ignition switch wire from the starter.

Remove the Upper Starter NutAssistant Holding D-Bolt       Behind the fan shroud on the right side of the engine,
       remove the top starter nut (17mm wrench).

       An assistant may be necessary to hold the starter bolt
       in place from underneath the car.

       Remove the D-Bolt from the starter and save it for re-installation.

Removing the Lower Starter Nut       Underneath the car, remove the lower starter mounting nut (17mm wrench or socket).
       The starter can now be removed from the transmission.

       (Not pictured is removing the starter bushing which can be done with
       a specialty bushing puller.)

Starter Installation:

Installing the Starter       (Not pictured is installing the starter bushing which is pushed into place
       once the original bushing is removed.)

       Put the starter in place in the transmission and
       install the lower mounting nut (17mm wrench or socket).

Attaching the Starter Wires       Attach the positive battery cable to the threaded post (13mm wrench or socket).

       Plug the ignition switch wire to the starter solenoid.

Installing D-Bolt       Slide the D-bolt through the starter, transmission and engine and key it into the starter.

Installing D-Bolt       The D-bolt should be sticking out of the engine and visible
       behind the right side of the fan shroud.

Installing Upper Starter NutInstalling Upper Starter Nut       An assistant might be helpful to hold the D-Bolt in place from
       underneath while the starter nut is installed on the right,
       backside of the fan shroud.

Jacking Up and Removing Jack Stands       Jack the right rear of the car up, remove the jack stand and lower the car down to the ground.

Reconnect the Battery       Reconnect the battery and set the rear seat back in place.

       The installation is now complete. Turn the key, start the engine and enjoy the drive.