It’s officially summer time!! Do you know what that means?! It means loads of blogs dedicated to one of the best seasons of the year. This week the JBugs team is highlighting the most important summer accessory, the convertible! Even if you don’t have a convertible model, there is still plenty to enjoy!


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Unless you’re an avid antique car enthusiast or possibly a dinosaur, chances are you don’t remember the good ol’ days of the 19th Century when [1] “vehicles didn’t have roofs, windshields, doors, or side glass.” 

Cars were designed after horse-drawn buggies which meant they were lightweight with a moderate construction. And by moderate, we mean completely open to the elements and seriously dangerous if you think about it. As the popularity of cars grew, more people were spending an increased amount of time on the road and it became apparent that something needed to happen to make the longer trips more comfortable and a lot safer.

In 1906, Cadillac became the first manufacturer to offer a fully enclosed body. They presented it as a made-to-order option at first due to many people feeling claustrophobic in the newly designed vehicle.

Almost two decades later, Ben P. Ellerbeck provided the answer to everyone’s claustrophobia with [3] “the first practical retractable hardtop system” for a Hudson coupe. Unfortunately, the concept was never put into production but that didn’t stop other manufacturers from using the idea on their vehicles. Manufacturers like Buick, Chrysler, LaSalle, Lincoln and Whippet introduced convertible models with manually operated hardtops to the market in the late 1920’s.

By 1937, Peugeot, a French automotive manufacturer introduced their 601 Eclipse, a sedan with the very first power-operated retractable hardtop. [1] “The self-storing roof structure disappeared behind the driver’s compartment into a space revealed by the reverse-opening rear deck.” 

The convertible market was on a steady rise but so were the problems that came along with the drop-top capabilities. [1] “Despite the advances in convertibles, these cars tended to have problems with window sealing and rattling. To ease those issues, some carmakers turned to full-frame doors and a folding fabric top.”

In 1948, three years after the debut of the Volkswagen Beetle, Wilhelm Karmann went to work on designing VW’s very first convertible version. While he didn’t include the full-frame doors, the VW Bug’s convertible top did feature a folding fabric top. The design was approved by VW and production started in 1949. For roughly 30 years, VW produced convertible Beetles and even introduced a convertible Karmann Ghia, Rabbit/Cabriolet and Thing as well as a ragtop version of their Bus. 

Contrary to popular belief, a ragtop is not just the slang version of a convertible top. In fact, a ragtop and convertible top are a little different than you think. Yes, they are both retractable but the convertible top is designed to uncover the entire roof while the ragtop is a portion of the roof, almost the size of a sunroof that is retracted by hand.

You might be asking yourself, why are we giving you a brief history of the convertible top? Well, it’s summer and nothing beats a cruise with the top down while the sun is shining and the weather is sweet!

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