Concept 1 VW Doghouse Fan Shroud - with Exit Tin - Black - Type 1

Concept 1 VW Doghouse Fan Shroud - with Exit Tin - Black - Type 1
Part Number: 8895

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  • A Full Custom, Original Style Doghouse Fan Shroud
  • Wider Doghouse Ducting for Larger Type 4 Oil Cooler
  • Wider Doghouse Exit Tin Pieces Included
  • Welded on Velocity Ring for more air flow to the fan.
  • Drilled Holes for Original Thermostat Vents
  • Smoothed Face (no dent for original oil-bath air cleaner)
  • No Mounting Holes for Coil
  • No Holes for Spark Wire Holders
  • No Tabs for Wire Harness
  • No Heater Ducts (for engines without Heater Boxes)
  • Internal Vanes and Ducts modeled after OE VW Mexico Fan Shrouds

  • The Concept 1 Doghouse Fan Shroud is a custom version of an Original Style fan shroud. The smoothed out face doesn't have heater ducts mounting provisions for the coil, spark plug wire holders or the wire tabs like the original shroud but it does have mounting provisions for the original thermostat flaps. On the back side of the fan shroud, a welded on Velocity Ring speeds up air as it enters into the fan and the internal vanes (which are modeled after OE VW of Mexico shrouds) and the Doghouse Shroud. The Doghouse Shroud is stretched out so it fits the 2 row wider Type 4 Oil Cooler so it's perfect for higher displacement engines that need the additional oil cooling. The fan shroud includes modified Doghouse exit tin that accomodates the wider oil cooler. The Concept 1 Doghouse Shroud fits all Type 1 based engines running a Doghouse Oil Cooler.

    A Type 4 Oil Cooler must be used with this fan shroud, it can be added in the "Additional Options" tab above. Additionally, two, 6x1.0x90mm bolts must be sourced to attach the wider oil cooler to the oil cooler adapter.

    Doghouse Fan Shrouds use a wider, 36mm fan (part number 113119031B) to push more air through the shroud than earlier models. Make sure to use the appropriate sized fan to maximize the cooling benefits of the doghouse shroud.
    JBugs staff member Sam.

    Our Expert's Take:

    When it comes to engine tin, we always prefer original VW tin to aftermarket tin. The Concept 1 Fan Shrouds may be the only exception to that. The original style fan shroud is an excellent reproduction of the VW of Mexico Shroud with some improvements. The added cooling capacity of the Type 4 Oil Cooler makes the Concept 1 fan shroud a great choice for any Type 1 Doghouse Engine

    California Prop 65 Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm
    Please Note:The information listed below is for stock, unmodified VW's manufactured for sale in the US. VW's are commonly modified and very often parts from another year VW may have been installed on your car. California Pacific JBugs is not responsible for any errors if your car has been modified in any way.
    VW Beetle
    1971 - 1974
    1971 - 1974
    VW Super Beetle
    1971 - 1974
    1971 - 1974
    VW Karmann Ghia
    1971 - 1974
    1971 - 1974
    VW Type II (Bus)
    Single Cab
    Double Cab
    VW Thing
    1973 - 1974
    Check what fan shroud you need before you buy. There's a good chance the parts which originally came on your vehicle have been swapped in the last 50 years. Both fan shrouds look similar from the front, but the back side reveals how these fan shrouds direct air through their oil coolers. Take a gander behind your fan shroud. Is there a DOGHOUSE attached to the back?

    Upright Fan Shroud Back View
    Doghouse Fan Shroud Back View


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