JBugs has created hand selected complete car kits for VW Door Rubber, Body Rubber and Window Rubber. Each of these kits includes everything you need to entirely restore your air-cooled VW’s Door, Body, or Window seals. If you have a VW undergoing a complete restoration or overhaul we have created Complete Car Rubber Kits. These kits bundle together all of the seals offered in the Door, Body and Window Kits.

We offer only the highest quality seals available and back our products with a lifetime guarantee. Our rubber seal kits simplify the process saving you money by bundling our products together, but we understand not everyone needs a complete rubber kit. This is why we sell our Rubber Seals individually as well.

We offer both Cal-Look Style Window Seals and American Style Window Seals so you can achieve exactly the look you desire for your air-cooled Volkswagen bug. The Cal-Look Window seals is a popular style of after-market window seals that do not come with a molding groove. The American Style Window Seals have a side groove to accept the aluminum trim insert offered with our window seals.

We designed VW Complete Car Rubber Kits for cars undergoing a complete restoration overhaul or for cars fresh from the paint shop. The kits include all of the exterior rubber seals needed for the 1954-1957 VW Bug Sedan.

1954-1957 VW Beetle Cal Style Rubber Seals
1954-1957 VW Beetle American Style Rubber Seals

Volkswagen Complete Rubber Kits feature German Rubber Door Seals, Window Scrappers and Hood Seals. We offer Cal-Look Style Window Seals which are a popular style of after-market window seals without a molding groove. They are simple to install and require no trim. We also offer American Style Window Seals which are just like OEM and contain a molding groove to accept trim.

What's the difference between Cal Look and American Style Window Seals?
American-Style and Cal-Look VW's: READ MORE about the difference in styles.

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