1977 VW Bug Electrical Parts

At JBugs, we offer a huge selection of 1977 Volkswagen Beetle Electrical Parts. We have everything you need to keep your air-cooled VW powered up including switches, relays, fuses, exterior and interior lighting, replacement starters, generators, alternators, complete wiring kits, and much more!

The JBugs Technical Team has compiled useful data, tips, and tricks for installing VW Electrical Parts including wiring information for switches and relays and complete VW Beetle wiring diagrams. For more information, visit our Tech Tips page today!

1977 VW Beetle Electrical Components

We offer a huge selection of Volkswagen Beetle Electrical Accessories including switches, relays, flashers, fuses, horns, and much more. Turn signals, headlights, brake lights, wipers, reverse lights, and the ignition coil are all turned on by switches. Maintain all of these vital components with our complete selection of VW switches and relays.

The fuse box is the center of the electrical system in your VW. The fuse terminals for both the electrical contacts and the fuses can weaken or corrode over time. Our replacement fuse boxes and original European ceramic fuses will keep your VW Super Beetle powered up.

1977 VW Beetle Lighting

We offer a complete selection of Volkswagen Beetle Lighting parts including Tail Lights and Tail Light Assembly Parts, Turn Signal Parts, and aftermarket Headlight Parts such as LED Headlamps and Fog Lights.

1977 VW Beetle Engine Electrical

Our selection of Volkswagen Beetle Engine Electrical Components includes replacement starters, generators, and ignition coils. The 1977 VW Beetle was built with a 12 Volt electrical system. Our 12 Volt Bosch starters and generators are rebuilt by the manufacturer to be to just like new.

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