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About Our VW Type 3 Parts

The Type 3, 1500 engine is based on the VW Beetle 1200 but with a larger, 69mm crank. That engine later became the base for VWs 1300 and 1600 engines. The Type 3 engine accessories were reconfigured to better suit the Type 3 body. The air cooled engine's fan is mounted to the crank pulley and the engine tin is positioned lower on the engine than the Beetle's upright cooling tin. The complete engine assembly is thusly referred to as a pancake or suitcase engine.

Originally the Type the 1500 comes with a single, side draft carburetor which was swapped to dual, down draft carburetors for more power. Later models came with a 1600 single port engine until VW introduced the 1600 dual port engine with Bosch Electronic Fuel Injection. The Type 3 uses the same transmission case as the Beetle but with longer axles and different gearing. The engine and transmission are mounted into a sub-frame which is then mounted to the chassis and body with rubber isolated mounts to help create a quieter passenger compartment.

The Type 3 front suspension is similar to the Beetle however instead of torsion leaves it uses a full width torsion bar. The lower torsion bar is used to suspend the vehicle and the upper torsion bar is used as a sway bar. The VW Type 3 front spindles are mounted with ball joints to the control arms which mount to the beam and torsion bars. The rear suspension in Type 3s is essentially the same as a Beetle. Earlier models had the swingaxle rear transmission and suspension. Later models swapped to the IRS transmission and suspension.

Type 3 models, like the Beetle, has front and rear luggage compartments. The rear compartment is much easier to access with either the trunk lid on Fastback and Notchback models or the rear hatch on the Squareback. All 3 models had a hatch in the rear luggage compartment that was removable to access the engine.

If you are not sure what model or year your VW is, use our Type 3 Vehicle Identification tool below.

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