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California Pacific/JBugs offers a complete selection of VW auto parts for the classic VW Bug, Super Beetle, Karmann Ghia, Bus, Type 3, Thing and Off-Road Vehicles. Our Volkswagen Auto Parts include everything from engine parts to seat upholstery to rubber seals and virtually everything in between. is proud to be your one-stop-shop for all of your air-cooled VW restoration parts. We have the largest selection in the industry. We offer VW Auto Parts at a great price without compromising on quality.

We offer a complete selection of classic VW Body Parts including VW Floor Plans, VW Beetle Fenders, VW Deck Lids and Handles, VW Front and Rear Aprons, Front Clips, VW Bumpers, VW Front Ends, VW Fuel Tanks and Senders, VW Hood Items, VW Grills, and VW Pop-Out Window Kits.

All of our Volkswagen Body Parts are imported from Germany, Italy, and Brazil and are made from the finest components and are guaranteed to fit your VW. We stock a huge selection of Classic VW Body Parts that are ready to ship.

We carry vintage VW body parts for air-cooled VW Bugs, Super Beetles, Karmann Ghias, Type 2s (Bus), Type 3s (Squareback, Fastback, and Notchback), Things, and Off-Road vehicles.

VW Auto Body Parts

We offer VW floor pans for all VW Bugs and VW Super Beetles. In addition, we also offer VW floor pans for the VW Karmann Ghia and VW Thing. In addition to the floor pans, we also offer floor pan to body seals and floor pan hardware installation kits to help you do the job right. The VW Bug and Super Beetle floor pans include seat rails. The Karmann Ghia and VW Thing floor pans do not include seat rails. In addition to selling VW floor pans, we also offer professional installation of these floor pans to our local customers.

California Pacific/JBugs offers a huge selection of quality VW Bumpers for air-cooled Volkswagens. Included in our list of VW bumpers are both single and triple chrome VW bumpers for the Volkswagen Bug and Super Beetle. In addition to VW bumpers, we also carry the necessary bumper brackets, bolts and seals to properly mount and install your bumpers. For the early VW Bug (1952-1967), we offer both blade and complete VW bumpers with overriders. For the 1968-1973 VW Bug and Super Beetle, we also offer German-made rubber impact strips that mount horizontally in through the middle of the bumper. For the 1974-79 VW beetle and Super Beetle, we also offer bumper end caps in addition to the VW bumper and VW bumper impact strip. It is essential with all VW bumpers that you wax the entire VW bumper prior to installation. In addition, the Volkswagen bumpers must be kept clean and waxed on a regular basis to prevent pitting and rust. If you properly care for our quality bumpers, they will look great for years.

We offer a large selection of VW fuel tanks including VW Bug fuel tanks, VW Bus fuel tanks, Karmann Ghia fuel tanks and VW Thing fuel tanks. In addition to the VW fuel tanks, we also offer a huge selection of VW fuel tank sending units, filters, fuel line, nipple kits and VW gas caps. All new VW fuel tanks need to be cleaned before they are put into use. The inside of the VW fuel tanks are coated to prevent rust in shipping. It is absolutely necessary to clean all VW gas tanks.